5 steps to change life for the better in the new year

We will be realistic: the change of numbers on the calendar cannot magically improve our life. But this is possible for us ourselves. It is only necessary to make a little effort and begin to follow the five main rules, according to Philosophy, Stefani Sarkis, Philosophy.

The beginning of the New Year we often perceive as a kind of symbolic moment: we make promises in the hope that the coming year will make us happier and more successful, will help to be realized in the professional sphere and bring stability in personal life. For all this to happen, we ourselves need to change. And, of course, it is not at all necessary to start a new life from January 1, March 29 or from the next Monday. Moreover, you need more time for any change than one day.

1. Set the boundaries of the permissible

To succeed, we must learn to say “no”, become more strictly and decisive. This requires a certain courage and can cause dissatisfaction of people who enjoyed your softness. But loved ones will definitely understand you and support you. So, from now on you will not endure silently if:

  • You are asked about something at the last minute and you will have to change your plans in order to fulfill this request,
  • They speak arrogantly and disrespectful with you,
  • You are unfairly criticized,
  • You are forced to do what you do not like, harmful to you or you simply consider it unacceptable for ethics and moral reasons,
  • They tell you that you need to lose weight/dress in a different way/buy an apartment/expensive car, etc.D.,
  • Someone makes decisions for you or protrudes on your behalf without your consent.

2. Start sprinkling

An adult should sleep 8-9 hours a day. Sleep is considered strong and healthy if you quickly and easily fall asleep, do not wake up at night and get up in the morning cheerful and rested. To establish a dream, you need:

  • go to bed and get up at the same time (optimal at 23:00 and 8:00). Such a schedule must be adhere to on weekends.
  • Sleep in a well-ventilated room at a temperature of 19-21 ° C with a shut-off light and dense curtains that do not pass the sun’s rays. So that you are not awakened by the sounds of the street ahead of time, you can sleep to the so -called “white noise” or the sounds of nature (the noise of rain, ocean). Your smartphone can lose them.
  • refuse the TV, laptop, phone, tablet an hour before going to bed. Studies have proven that radiation emanating from the screens of any gadgets reduces the production of a melatonin hormone.

If all these actions could not eliminate sleep disturbances, then you need to contact a specialist.

3. Train

Go in for sports, start walking more, become more actively – call it what you want, the meaning is one: you need to move more. Studies have proven that even 20 minutes of physical activity per day help reduce the risk of depression, Panic attacks And attention deficiency syndrome. After all, training increase the synthesis of dopamine and serotonin, which are conditionally called the “hormone of pleasure” and the “hormone of good mood”. Ideally, of course, every person needs one hour of physical activity per day. Sometimes the most difficult thing is to find a lesson to your liking.

4. Make a list of goals

Many psychologists argue that a simple recording of a specific goal in a notebook or in a list increases the chances of achieving it. And you also need to tell how many people about their plans. Now this is very simple – write on a page on a social network: “This year I will run a half marathon”. And it will be inconvenient for you without

significant grounds to abandon this venture.

5 steps to change life for the better in the new year